Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY: Seashell Mirror

I got the idea of a seashell mirror one day while I was laying on the beach on the Cape. Over the vacation, I began to collect shells for my soon-to-be masterpiece. By the end of the vacation, I collected what I seemed would be enough. Saturday afternoon, I went to Home Goods and purchased the perfect mirror to cover my seashells in! This little project of mine is SO easy and anyone with two hands can do it. It's easily the perfect summer DIY.

All you need is:
1. A Mirror
2. A hot-glue gun

SEA-n here (pun intend):

It's basically self explanitory how to do this. Just glue the the shells to the frame of the mirror.

After three hours of standing and bending over, here is the finished product:

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